About Sarang Pathak

Sarang Pathak Live

SARANG PATHAK, one of the young musician focusing & performing on American Country Music & POP-Sufi Acoustic all over the India. A Singer, A Performer, A Musician & A Music Director.

Some of the performances are specified below:

Have been performing Own created songs live since their inception. The originals of a wide range in terms of arrangements, moods and lyrics enthrall the audiences to their high spirits another much loved feature of my music is Sufi –POP where I perform ages old Sufi Folk songs with a contemporary Acoustic-POP touch and the beauty reveals when I do it keeping the essence of the composition intact.
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Achievement- #SarangpathakLive

1. Awarded for Outstanding Performer in Rajkot
2. Invited by Kajal Oza to Perform at National Center Performing Arts (NCPA) Mumbai for Gujarati literature and culture
3. Padmashri Award Winner & CokeStudio Fame "The Manganiyar" Featuring song in upcoming original album.
4. #SarangpathakLive in concert at „REDFM FILMY DAYRO‟ (YMCA)
5. #SarangpathakLive live on Air on RedFM 93.5 Ahemedabad and Facebook Live with Queen RJ DEVKI on Morning NO.1 Show.
6. #SarangpathakLive in concert at "Locaflea Summer Jamm‟
7. 2nd Winner at channel „V‟ fest from all over Ahmedabad
8. 2nd Winner at „Goa Sea Rock 2013‟ fest competition all over from India
9. 2nd Winner at J.E.C.R.C (jaipur) „Rockathon‟
10. 1st Winner at, Lumina‟ New L.J Eng

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Headline Solo Gigs – #SarangpathakLive

1. H.L College of Commerce (3 shows)
2. Vibrant Kankaria Carnival2014-2015 (2 shows)
3. St. Xavier‟s (Ahmedabad) (1 show)
4. New L.J (Campus) (2 shows)
5. Nirma University (main act) (6 shows)
6. L.D. Eng (main act) (1 show)
7. Gujarat Univerity (Behalf of H.L College) (3 shows)
8. B.K.School Of Management (main act) (3 shows)
9. J.E.C.R.C (Jaipur) (2 shows)
10. Bits Pilani (Goa) (1 show)
11. Country Club (Ahmedabad) (4 shows)
12. Rajpath Club (2 shows)
13. Karnavati Club (6 shows)
14. YMCA Club (1 show)
15. IIM-A (Main act)(Ahmedabad) (3 shows)
16. CEPT (Ahmedabad) (1 show)
17. Rannutsav 2015-16(Kutch) (main act for 10 days)
18. Ahemedabad Food Fest 2015 & 2017 (2 shows)
19. Hotel Fern (Ahemedabad) (6 shows)
20. Hotel Fortune Park(Ahemedabad) (2 shows)
21. Indian Army (Dhangdhra) (1 show)
22. RockStudio (Ahmedabad) (1 show)
23. Rainbow Music Fest (Ahemedabad) (1 show)

Performed 40+ private shows...

Lets Explore More!

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Headline Gigs with Bands - #SarangpathakLive

1. The Indian Ocean (had Jamm for two times while sound check)
2. Susmit Sen (solo)(performed at Mississippi music cafe)
3. Hangover in Hell (Metal Band)
4. Blood Seed (Metal Band)
5. Melancholic Esatasy (Ahmedabad Central Jail)
6. Vibrant Kankaria Carnival
7. Blur Vision

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As a Music Director with bands & solo:

Lets Rock More!

Movies –

1. The Closed Door(band)
2. Ramli RicksaVadi(band)

Drama –

1. Shreeman Shreemati Pakka Gujarati (solo)

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